World Peace Activators

is a global initiative of

empowered evolution, profound awakening ,

Starseed Activations & Igniting Inner Source wisdom.

with values of truth, sovereignty, integrity & love. 

We are inviting you to participate in the

Global Change & welcome the Golden Age.

Join us in a 


June 6 at 5pm GMT

*Replay Available

The Webinar will elaborate on the

online community platform that will give you the opportunity to

to grow, evolve & expand like never before

 using daily practices:



Light Body Activation

Power of Qi Gong

Inner Shadow Work

Powerful Meditations

Energetic Frequency Upgrade

Global Participation on Change

Celebration Vibration

Breath work Influence

Life Spiritual Teachings

Galactic Awareness

Inner Union Harmonization

Quantum Healing

Loving Support Group

Meet your Soul Tribe

Personalized guidance

& so much more

with many additional healings & offers.  


We are in this together &

Together we RISE AS ONE


There are so many benefits in joining WPA

(these are just a few)


Emotional health – happier, joyful, excitement for life

Mental health – clarity, vision, direction, goals

Physical health – Stamina, strength, endurance, vitality

Energetic Health – elevated, Creative, loving & compassionate

Spiritual Health – aligned, integrated, healed & expanded

Anchor highest timeline possible for yourself

Reconnect intimately with people at a soul level

Become fully authentic & loved

Self Develop in all areas that you are in limitation in

Learn, discover & step into your true essence

Contribute back to the Earth

Be of Service to the collective consciousness

Devotion to God

Integrate your higher self

Be in a community of oneness

You are amazing and I love you beyond measure! I AM committed to hold you in the highest integrity, wisdom & love for your deeper healing, transformation & mastery.  You are incredible & Divine. Always & Forever. 

Nada ChristLight

A leader without followers on a pathless path of Ascension bringing the remembrance of our true cosmic selves of divine light, majestic love, graceful power and infinite existence. Nada’s awakening has occurred after many harsh life situations in which motivated her to start her healing journey a decade ago and since then she has welcomed all layers of self mastery, acquired several tools of healing from the path of the feminine, shamanism, galacticvations, mind empowerment etc. and has embodied her role as a galactic shaman priestess, being a way shower for the true essence of life, love, abundance and the Christed Source.

Opportunity of a lifetime

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